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Move over, Ellen and Ann – another famous lesbian couple is calling it quits.

Rock superstar Melissa Etheridge and director Julie Cypher yesterday revealed they’re splitting after 12 years.

“I was drawn to her,” says Cypher, shooting Etheridge a smile.

“But it never occurred to me that I could be a lesbian.” Cypher was, in fact, in the middle of a four-year, childless marriage to 1987’s star Lou Diamond Phillips.

Boo, the cockatoo, shrieks accompaniment from his cage in the den. In fact the singer—best known for such angst-ridden songs as last year’s Grammy Award-winning “Ain’t It Heavy”—says she has never been happier. “Afternoon off,” replies Cypher as she drops her keys next to a gallery of family photos on the grand piano.

Most of her good cheer comes in the form of the 29-year-old film director who just now opens the front door and steps into the domestic chaos. While those close to Etheridge have known for years about her sexual orientation, she didn’t come out publicly until a year ago January, when, during a gay inaugural bash for Bill Clinton, she declared herself a “proud” lesbian to a packed house in Washington. “The crowd roared.” Etheridge was equally pleased by the show of fan support for the hit album she released late last year, .

“Julie was laughing and having a great time, there was no indication [of a split],” a shocked pal said.

"It was beautiful, it was actually really sweet," she said of first locking lips with Linda. I was like, 'I don't know, I've looked at this person forever,' and yet there was something there. I kissed and then I ran away and then I came back that morning and said, 'OK, I think I can do this.When her feelings grew too strong to ignore, she told Phillips about Etheridge.“It was,” says Cypher with considerable understatement, “a surprise.” Phillips and Cypher separated in 1990 (when Cypher and Etheridge started dating) and divorced a year later. Though Phillips has declined to comment about the breakup, Cypher says the two remain close, often socializing together.I just had to go think about it.'" Melissa told Billy and Kit that Linda has been a wonderful creative partner as well."She's amazing," the Grammy winner said of her wife. I'll play songs and ask her opinion." Melissa and Linda (creator of “Nurse Jackie”) began dating in 2010.

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