Updating a jar file

if i run the application from eclipse, the application sees the modifications from the excel file and reads correctly.After i made a jar it doesn't see anymore the changes made in the excel file .. Hi, using Resource By Stream() is great because you can ensure everything is in one JAR file.You've probably worked with plenty of JAR files. In this article, we will perform a study of JAR files.Along the way, I'll point out features that have been added to the JAR format throughout Java's evolution to address the needs of the programming language. However what I can't seem to do is update existing files if they're not on the first level. Any time I've tried it that way, using various jar commands or compression tools, the archive doesn't function anymore in the I'm putting it. So from the first command I know that it works with directories as well as files, and from the second, I know that I can update existing files. It doesn't work by the way to expand the file and then zip it up again.

Also, my hunch at why unzipping/re-jarring doesn't work is because of the manifest.Now the Problem comes when i update any of Swing Files on server side then how could i download it to client. I'm writing an executable Jar file which contains one class (to FTP data to another machine) and one properties file (which contains amonsgst other things a unique sequence number to go in each new filename).Each time the Jar executes, the last thing it must do is increment the sequence number by one. Hello I am not sure if i should have posted this question in this forum or in the beginners forum :-) I have been given a project to work on recently and its pretty complex. This application has a very structered build process. For example, maybe you could create a single new ...I know that this is architecturally wrong, but my application has to be a single jar. Dear Folks, I know I am being a pain in the a** with my incessant questions today, but I appear to have a strange problem here.I am trying to make several changes to a GUI-based chat program which previously ran perfectly.

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