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The rumor came from audition tapes that were discovered for this movie, one of which was from Alexa Swinton (Billions), who was reading for the role of "Marie." Since Rogue's real name is Marie D'Ancanto, many believe that she was trying out for the Rogue role, but her involvement has yet to be confirmed.

When Hutch Parker was asked about Rogue's involvement, the producer had this to say.

A rumour has also been going around that Rogue is being recast for the film, and Dazzler is also expected to make an appearance. Bryan Singer said he was down for it, hinting that something "dark" and "powerful" was growing in Jean Grey. In a nutshell: When escaping from an exploding space station, Jean sacrificed herself by piloting the X-Men's ship back to Earth and exposing herself to dangerous levels of radiation.

Before she died, a mysterious cosmic entity called the Phoenix offered her the power to save her friends and herself.

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Jean decided she was too much of a risk to her friends, and sacrificed herself. The Phoenix was instead revealed as a suppressed personality in Jean's mind that had a thing for evil Willow styling and murdering her loved ones.Magneto's mutants infiltrate Xavier's school, put Xavier in a coma, and abduct Rogue.The X-Men follow in hot pursuit, but are defeated by Magneto's minions.The Dark Phoenix flew around space and blew up some inhabited planets.Jean was able to resume control, but only just in time for the Shi'ar to show up.

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