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However, I've still three years left on my contract, and if I can't find anybody reliable to replace me, it could cost me 0,000. The second was, after one-month probation, she was eligible for a reallocation, interest free disbursement.

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They nearly fell over themselves to force her legs open and clamp huge heavy shackles around her ankles as if she was some vicious criminal, She also had the first taste of the contempt the prison staff felt towards prisoners.On the way over in the taxi, we'd both had a couple of drinks to get ourselves in the mood and he started getting a little frisky, sort of challenging me to kiss him.So to keeping quiet, I slipped my hand inside his trousers, stroked his penis and gently wanked him off, but not before pointing it down the side of his leg, only took 4 or five tugs and he shot his lot into his underpants.It wasn't until she got the insinuation and had spread her legs wide enough to be almost lewdly indecent; that they finally clamped the iron leg irons around her ankles.It was just a discrete iron bar, between the two clamps, holding her legs wide open, but horrible by its implication, and the whole process was done with great delight and malevolence, it was obvious the intention was not just to secure her, but to thoroughly humiliate her by some type of medieval bondage.

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