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The people who responded — many of them older or in the military — exchanged photos with people they thought were adult women, the U. The victims were told they were facing charges of soliciting a minor and that warrants had been issued for their arrest, court documents show.They also were told they could avoid jail time if they paid a fine, records state.LOOSE Women's Nadia Sawalha stunned viewers on today's show by setting up a fake profile on an app dubbed "Tinder for teens" app to prove how easily online predators can target kids.

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The TV host asked her daughter: "So how do I set this up without my parents' permission?Reuters reports that this strategy, which is begging to be adapted into a romantic comedy, has taken off through the ease of smartphone apps.Date-finding services like Hire Me Plz have reported 700,000 users.To explore the burgeoning trend, photographer Muyi Xiao documented one woman who posed as a girlfriend for hire and travelled to a man’s hometown village to meet his family.Beijing-based blogger Zhao Yuqing, 24, wanted to understand the rental-girlfriend experience.

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